Vivien Wilkinson

I am glad to have the opportunity to confirm my appreciation and to tell others about Neil Cooper and his team. It is great to have the opportunity to encourage any other patients who are considering dental implants. Loosing two front teeth and wearing a denture did little to develop self esteem in my young adult life.

Now I’m a senior citizen. What promoted me to embark on this year long programme of 5 dental implants?

One important factor was my self esteem again.

A bit of a joke: Two grandchildren staying with their grandparents and one runs to the bedroom and tells the other “Quick come and see grandma is doing magic. She is taking her teeth out and cleaning them”

I don’t want to live that experience now that there are 4 grandchildren!

It was through my Denplan membership I became aware of dental implants. So I sort advice from my dentist in Cockermouth who recommended to me the Crossbank expertise.

From my initial visit I was convinced that this was the way forward for me. Every stage of the procedure was explained through literature and discussion. I have been impressed with the whole team involvement they played a big part in making me feel comfortable and reassured throughout.

It has been a long journey but my confidence in Neil Cooper grew through each stage of the treatment so much so that I would have no hesitation investing again in dental implants or reassuring anyone else that Crossbank Dental Care services are the best practice.

But best of all I can smile on photographs now!

Vivien Wilkinson (June 2010)

I can smile on photographs now!