Robin Grenville-Evans

My family and I have been in Kendal for a year, and have procrastinated over the issue of registering with a dentist, and I was only prompted into action when I found myself sitting next to Neil Cooper at a BNI meeting a few weeks ago. An appointment was made for a consultation, and I, my wife Pandy, and her son - my stepson - Ben, who is ten, duly turned up for our appointment on Monday afternoon. Ben said he’d never seen a waiting room like it. I said ‘don’t be afraid, this is called tidiness’. We had arrived early, so we had plenty of time to relax in the very comfortable furniture.

We were invited up to the surgery, and when I asked if we could all go in together, the response was ‘certainly’, and an extra seat was found for us, so that whoever was in the dentists chair (me first, of course) would afford entertainment for the other two. Neil’s colleague, who worked on us, was very careful both during the examination, and afterwards, when he had to tell me the truth about my teeth, and what would be needed to make them better.

He also diagnosed a mysterious ulcer problem my wife had been suffering from for a long time, which her previous dentist had told her to ignore.

Ben seemed to enjoy his experience to the extent that he talked about it for some while afterwards, and both he and I were fascinated with the technology, and the way it was expertly wielded by our friendly dentist and his assistant.

Thoroughly professional, expert and courteous, and we all feel very safe in the hands of the practice.


Robin Grenville-Evans

Thoroughly professional, expert and courteous