J A Brown

To Mr Cooper and all colleagues

May I express great appreciation for nearly twenty years of dental treatment at your establishment. It has been first class at all times: initially the standard of excellence was set for me by Mr Sellar, then when he was ill for a time by Mrs Sellar - what gentle hands - and in recent years the very fine work done by Mr Rees and Mr Cooper could not in my opinion be surpassed. My wife agrees.

And I am in a position to judge, for two reasons. Firstly, I have always had bad teeth; something like one hundred fillings in the last seventy-five years from dentists as far away as America. Quite a number were in the RAF during the war; there were no anesthetics of course. I still have three amalgams inserted sixty-five years ago with great skill, by my own brother.

That’s the other reason why I can pontificate. My elder brother Alan was a good dentist in a practice in Abbey Road, Barrow. He told me a great deal about teeth and what could be done, and he was right. What I learned over those years had often been painful, but the last two decades in Kendal, particularly at Crossbank, have got better and better. Of course the methodology and materials have improved out of all recognition, and the techniques in recent years has been superlative.

Whilst there may be for most, a natural reluctance to contemplate a visit to one’s dentist, I have actually got to like going to Crossbank. Is there no hope for me?

It’s certainly helped me to smile......

Yours sincerely

J A Brown

I have actually got to like going to Crossbank