Invite Your Friends...

Yes, please do!

Like all businesses we require enough work to do. However our aim is to perform treatment so well that we do not have to continually re-do things for our present patients. Therefore, it is important for us to always have new people with whom to work.

Will We Look After Your Friend?

When you recommend a friend to a business it is very important that your friend is happy with the service, otherwise it reflects badly on you.

We recognise that we have to please your friend so that you can feel good about recommending us. We do not take that responsibility lightly.

We ask people to invite their friends to see us because we only want to treat people who want only the best for their teeth and mouths and that we enjoy being with. We have found by trial and error that people who fit this description are likely to be the friends or family of people who come to see us already.

Who among your friends do you think would enjoy what we have to offer? If you feel that one of your friends or relatives would like the way we practise dentistry, we would love to meet them.

How To Invite Your Friends to See Us

First tell your friend about your experiences with us. Be as detailed as you can, in this way they will be able to judge whether we provide the things they would like.

If your friend wants to come to see us, you could arrange it in one of two ways:

You could pass on a business referral card and ask them to ring our receptionist, Helen or our practice manager, Carrie.

Alternatively you could ask your friend if they would like us to telephone them. Work out a time of day that would be convenient for him or her, and then telephone our receptionist to arrange this.

Either way, we shall be happy to meet your friend.