Training Dental Professionals in Tanzania

Submitted by fusionic on Wed, 2011-09-21 20:56

Almost three quarters of the world's population have no access to the most simple dental pain relief, leaving billions to face a daily battle with pain in the toughest of life circumstances. Crossbank provides financial support to Bridge2Aid, a charity working to address this horrible problem by providing access to dental pain relief for the millions of people suffering in the developing world.  Focussing on sustainability, and empowering local people to improve their own lives over the long term, Bridge2Aid has already trained over 160 local health workers in emergency dentistry, and is training more than 50 health workers each year. 

This morning we received news that Cliford Majura, whose training we have funded, passed his final assesment and has been given the skills and equipment to provide his district with access to safe emergency dentistry – something that they haven’t had up until now. So congratulations to Cliford and all involved in his training.

Cliford works at the Misasi dispensary in Misungwi district and is responsible for the medical needs of around  14,000 people – delivering babies, dressing wounds, dispensing drugs, and now giving emergency dental care. The people in the area are mainly from the Sukuma Tribe – a group of people who tend to speak in Sukuma rather than Swahili – often making communicating with other areas difficult. Often their children can’t receive education because they don’t speak Swahili. They are 15km from the nearest town – again making communication difficult. He has been a Clinical Officer for 12 years, and is married with 1 child.
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