Crossbank Team get an Adrenaline Rush!

Submitted by neil on Thu, 2011-07-28 12:49


The team at Crossbank Dental had a fantastic day out at Adrenalin near Richmond, North Yorks.  Adrenalin, home to the official ITV Krypton Factor Assault course specialises in Team Building activities.  Team build we did as we relied very much on each other to keep the ropes tight as some of us (the brave ones) climbed telegraph poles ranging from 12ft to 50ft foot and then balanced on plinths the size of an A4 pad!


The Krypton Factor assault course is as tough and as muddy as it looks on t.v. but we completed it and were quite proud of our time. 


The competitive streak really came out though when it came to the Quad Biking.  Our dental nurse Janet (the farmers wife) had a head start due to rounding up the flock at home etc, but Helen (Evil Knievel) gave her a run for her money.


Some of the photographs from the day can be viewed on our gallery.