Invisalign Clear Braces

We can use an invisible brace system to straighten your teeth without having to wear the obvious 'train-track' braces. Visit our dentists Ben Harrison or Frances Watkins for a free consultation to see how we can help!

Benefits of Invisalign tooth straightening treatment

  • Improves your confidence in your smile

  • Complimentary tooth whitening 

  • Reposition your crooked or crowded teeth without wearing obvious braces

  • Clear braces are rarely seen

Benefits of Six Month Smiles treatment;

  • Fast and economical way for adults to begin smiling with confidence

  • It works regardless of age or gender

  • Six Month Smiles braces and wires are barely noticeable

  • It makes improvements to your smile, not time consuming changes to the way your back teeth bite together

  • New technology allows safe, comfortable and efficient tooth movement

  • Six Month Smile consultations are FREE, book yours today!


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